S.S. Citizen School Thiruvallur Tamilnadu
(A Preparatory Academy for Public Services)

The school is open to students of either sex and accepts students only between the age 3 and 17 (on or before December 31) for admission to classes from K.G. to XII. Admission is made irrespective of any distinction of race, caste, community or social status

Students coming from recognized institutions will be admitted to the standards for which they are found fit, after the admission test.

Admissions are controlled by certain rules and regulations regarding age, eligibility, conduct etc. prescribed by CBSE.

A child seeking admission in Jr.K.G requires to have completed age of 3 years before 1st January of the year in which he is to study Jr.K.G.

He/She should have completed 4 years for other classes will accordingly observed.

The age will be calculated as per 31st December - as the cut off date on the year in which the guardian applied

Over age upto 11 months can be condoned if the student is otherwise eligible. Over age admission is discretionary to the management. No underage candidate is condoned the minimum age required.

To consider the Admission, Admission Test is compulsory for all the students who apply for admission to class I and onwards.

The Admission Test is oral as well as written. This test is not to rank the child but to decide the eligibility and fitness. However, the admission is considered on the basis of category of the guardian, previous school, previous result, distance, family background and Admission Test's performance.

There is No Test for K.G. children.

The management and the principal of the school being the final authority, reserve the right to refuse any application without assigning reasons.


Generally withdrawal is not permitted in the middle of the term except in case of Guardians' transfer. No school leaving certificate will be issued unless asked for by the guardian in person with an application. Withdrawn students will not be entitled to refund of any kind of fees.

Transfer Certificate will be issued only after verifying the fact that no dues are left over

  • 5 recent Passport-size Photographs of the child
  • 2 copies of the Birth Certificate of the child
  • 2 copies of the Health Record (Immunization Card) of the child
  • Original Immunization Card to be retained in school
  • Original School Health Record from the previous school for students transferring from other schools in India
  • Valid Transfer / Leaving Certificate

  • Transfer / Leaving Certificate

    For students joining KG1, KG2 and Grade 1 in the period April to June 15th, admission will be granted without Transfer Certificate from previous school. After June 15th a Transfer / Leaving Certificate is a must. For students joining in Grade 2 upwards, Transfer / Leaving certificate of previous school is to be submitted.


    School Fees for 2013 to 2014

    Thank you to all the parents who have paid their first term fees. In case you have not yet paid the fees request you to kindly do the same before the 12th of September. Fee payment timings are from 8.00-2.00 p.m only


    School Fees for KG1 - Grade8

    School Fees for the Nursery

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